About Us


Hizonex was established by Renee Maritz as the sole ownerand she has made headway in being intergrated with a number of larger companies with the assistance of GKWS that work together when needed. This intergration or support companies gives Hizonex the opportunity to compete with very large companies and enable us to supply on demand. Although Hizonex have successfully completed some projects on our own, we have also assisted some other companies in terms of supply of materials, pumps, generators, etc., and also assisted in terms of contract management on behalf of our partners, operation and maintenance,and also training. Hizonex is also the proud owner of a small hardware store in Sterkstroom as a central point to supply on demand.
Management Systems
Hizonex is developing & implementing ISO & OSHAS systems and work
procedures and this is implemented together with one of our support
companies who have the relevant certification.
GKWS is involved in assisting some WSAs in the development of standard operating procedures to assist with the day-to-day operations of the teams on site.
Operations & Maintenance
Operations and maintenance contracts, typically 3 to 5 years where we take over the responsibility for the management, operation and routine maintenance of the bulk water and wastewater treatment systems, as well as the associated water and sewer reticulation systems where required.
Consulting contracts; generally consists of GKWSs Professional staff together with Hizonex as a partner to assist and advise the Site management (client) with the day-to-day operational issues and conduct on-site training to all staff with the training being site specific. Our team of engineers also assist in planning of upgrading projects and the management thereof.
Leak detection using our Correlator (electronic leak detector) and our CCTV camera pipeline inspections, together with our knowledge and experience, is fast becoming two of our most requested services in all sectors of the industry. It is in demand due to the effectiveness of the teams conducting the investigations with accurate and visible results