Water Conservation and Demand Management. Below are some activities that GKWS are sharing with Hizonex as partners. GKWS is assisting Hizonex with the items below to help our company (Hizonex) to grow in the field of WDMWC.
Since 2004, personnel from GK Water Solutions have been involved in Water Conservation and Demand Management (WCDM); initially as an employee of a water Utility company and later as GK Water Solutions.  Towns where WCDM activities have been undertaken since 2004 include Queenstown, Whittlesea, Middelburg, Cradock, Engcobo, Lady Frere and Aliwal North.  Several Reports detailing the activities undertaken are available on request.

Recently, GK Water solutions has constructed a mobile Hi-tech pipeline investigation unit for the purposes of undertaking WCDM activities.  The mobile unit is fitted with Hi-tech equipment for water and wastewater investigations, assessments and pipe locating.  

The equipment in the unit is as follows:
  •         2 x CCTV pipeline cameras for visual inspections
  •          Electronic correlator for water leak detection
  •          Gas senzister for leak detection
  •          Sonde to determine pipe direction and location used with CCTV system and pipe locator
  •          Electronic metal detector to locate buried/covered assets such as manhole covers and valves
  •          Pipe locator electronic
  •          Probes for pipe locating of non-metal pipelines
  •          Data loggers to measure flow and pressure
  •          Water pressure tester for water pipelines
  •          Pressure gauges
  •          54 inch high resolution Television screen which connects to the CCTV cameras for on-site interpretation and reporting
  •          Air Pressure tester for sewerage
  •          Ultrasonic flow meters or dialled meters

This mobile unit will ensure that our valued customers have 100% accurate information to make informed decisions on your water and wastewater networks for immediate actions, short term, medium term and long term planning. Our mobile unit plus our professional qualified team of technicians / operators will ensure correct and reliable information and solutions. This mobile unit is essential for projects concerning water demand management water conservation and water balance on all water networks together with meter readings, equal water distribution and pressure management.

The leak detection equipment and our extensive knowledge of water networks will reduce water losses in your network as we will be able to pinpoint leaks with 100% accuracy. Our mobile unit was put together by our team to assist our client in the best, professional and technological advanced manner.

The mobile unit is also a fully operational workshop which contains equipment and spares to enable emergency on-the-job repairs to be made if and when required.

Hizonex is currently involved in the country-wide “war on leaks” training program. Hizonex entered into a contract agreement with The Water Academy for the facilitating of learners within the Kannaland municipality in the Western Cape Province. The contract is valid until the 10th of December 2016.