• Installations of water and wastewater systems
  • Water and wastewater reticulation & process
  • Maintenance of water systems
  • Pump and Backup generator supplies, repairs and maintenance
  • Rental pump units
  • High Pressure pipeline testing
  • Training in water sector in partnership with GK Educational Collage and Perfect Circle training.
  • Operation, maintenance and management of water services
  • Water demand Management, water conservation and water balance
  • Consulting / Advising Services in the water sector
  • Plumbing inspections & Certificate of compliance (COC) issue
  • CCTV Camera pipeline inspection
  • All hour emergency work
  • Material Supply for water & wastewater
  • Networks and treatment facilities

Water Services
Hizonex, as a water services operator in the Municipal sector, provides water services authorities with the full spectrum of water services with the view to continuously improve and sustain water and wastewater services delivery to communities and customers.


Customer Services
Our duty in the water sector is to improve the environment for the community and therefore we help them by helping our self and making our work easier.  Hizonex is proud of our high quality of service to our clients and product to ensure customer satisfaction.

Support Services
Hizonex have a range of companies within the water sector with professional Engineers, such as our own, that are available to us at any time as required. The Hizonex Engineers and teams, together with the assistance of the other resources within other support companies, can come up with solutions for any problem within the water sector, keeping in mind “best Practice” policy at all times. Our team will always take into account the cost factor, not compromising quality.